Coronavirus COVID-19

Business partners statement

Konin, 13.03.2020
To Business Partners of Konimpex sp. z o.o.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Due to the dynamic development of COVID-19 situation we are taking actions targeted at protecting our employees and employees of our business partners as well as sustaining the regular level of our services, including on time deliveries.
Taking into consideration the complexity of the problem, attempting to minimize risks and staying ahead of the course of events in terms of facing potential difficulties, we are taking following actions:
  • We are measuring body temperature of our employees and outside guests
  • We are applying strict measures of personal hygiene
  • We have implemented the rules of proceeding with persons with illness symptoms
  • We are not travelling abroad and we are limiting business meetings. We are arranging video and teleconferences instead
  • We are limiting the presence of outside guests
  • We are allowing remote work/home office
  • During the cleaning of our office space we are daily disinfecting such items as: door knobs, computer mice etc. We are applying all the necessary measures of personal protection when necessary: face masks, nitryl gloves, disinfectants
  • We have adapted the operational rules in our warehouses to secure stable performance
  • Forwarders, Suppliers and other subcontractors cooperating with our company are kept up to date with our standards and obliged to follow special cautionary measures and implemented procedures in terms of receiving the goods on stock, personal contacts and emergency plans
  • We are monitoring the situation in terms of key logistic areas, international transportation and transboundary movement of goods.
Therefore, we kindly request staying in direct communication with contact persons in our company and exchange of information:
  • On the range of safety measures implemented by your company
  • On your current knowledge and predictions in terms of the impact of the situation on your activity and our cooperation

According to the development of the situation we are obliging ourselves to share with you full information connected with our current and future mutual business operations (deliveries, loadings, etc.)
Best Regards,
The Board of Konimpex sp. z o.o.