Quality and environment policy

Quality, environment and safety policy.

The main objective of our activity is to perform supplies of chemical and industrial raw materials and services in logistics and storage that meet the requirements of customers on the global market.

Our endeavours, plans and efforts are focused on: 
  • guaranteed delivery of goods of the highest quality to the right site and on time,
  • acquiring new directions of activities and introduction of new raw materials,
  • offering new, unconventional business and logistics solutions to our customers, 
  • ensuring the safety of the goods offered and services provided in the field of specialized goods (feed, dangerous goods or other goods).
As part of the ISO 9001 quality management systems, ISO 14001 environmental management systems and GMP+ feed safety, we are committed to: 
  • compliance with applicable external and internal regulations,
  • raising awareness of the safety of specialized goods,
  • environmental protection and fulfilment of compliance obligations,
  • doing business in a socially responsible way,
  • continuous improvement of activities under the operating management systems. 
We aspire to improve applied solutions that protect the environment and prevent pollution and industrial failures. Where possible, reduce the amount and harmfulness of waste and reduce water and energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

We are all involved in the implementation of this policy, adopted strategy and policy goals and the Board and employees are aware of the responsibility for the safety of the goods and services offered. 

Konin, 19th June 2023