Code of conduct

Code of conduct for Business Partners

GK 5.01-Z-02, w. 1

We are committed to cooperate with Business Partners who share our values in the area of responsible business. The objective of this Code is to inform our Business Partners about the standards of conduct at the Konimpex Group in the field of human rights, environmental protection and responsible business, which are also the preferred modes of action among our domestic and foreign business partners.

In terms of social standards, our Business Partner:
  • abides by the applicable labour law
  • undertakes not to employ children and not to support Business Partners who violate this principle
  • should comply with all regulations regarding the working time of juvenile workers, to provide them with education opportunities, it is forbidden to expose juvenile workers to any dangerous situations
  • undertakes to respect human rights in its activities and not to apply or support forced labour
  • ensures equal treatment for all employees involved in the implementation of processes for the Konimpex Group, regardless of age, gender, social affiliation, origin, religion, beliefs, disability, or sexual orientation, and does not apply any discriminatory practices
  • shall establish and comply with a clear set of regulations and procedures relating to a safe and hygienic work environment (health and safety and fire protection) and take action to prevent potential accidents and injuries. Periodic training and instruction, covering all employees, should also play a vital role
  • respects employees' rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • takes into account the opportunity to develop and improve qualifications while ensuring a balance between work and private life of employees
  • it is recommended that the Konimpex Group Business Partner takes measures to support those who are most in need from its environment, including people with disabilities, at risk of exclusion, or poverty

In terms of environmental standards, our Business Partner:
  • complies with the law in the area of environmental impact of its company, and strives to limit its negative impact on the environment
  • undertakes to implement supervision over its processes so that they function in a manner that prevents pollution
  • includes solutions to build and raise environmental awareness among employees and downstream supply chain participants
  • applies to laws related to waste management 
  • aims to minimize emergency leaks by means of monitoring processes and taking preventive action. In the event of an emergency situation, it will immediately take corrective action and further steps to prevent similar situations in the future
  • it is recommended that our Business Partner uses natural and other resources rationally 

In terms of business standards, our Business Partner:
  • strives to manage relations with the environment based on the principles of ethics, transparency and partnership
  • applies practices related to building awareness of ethical rules of conduct
  • counteracts all forms of corruption and fraud and takes preventive action in this respect
  • implements and applies international quality standards to ensure the highest quality of processes, products and services

  • The terms and conditions of this Code apply to all personnel members, regardless of their status or relationship with the Konimpex Group Business Partner. Accordingly, this Code of Conduct also applies to employees who are employed, for example, based on short-term or part-time contracts.
  • It is recommended that our Business Partners promote the principles set out in this document among their Counter-parties.
  • It is recommended that in the event of non-compliance with the terms of this Code, our Business Partner took immediate corrective actions to remedy shortcomings and also took appropriate measures to avoid similar issues in the future
Approved: 11.12.2019.